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Telecommunications Best Practices for Missing and Abducted Children (TELMAC)
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 Telecommunications Best Practices for Missing and Abducted Children (TELMAC)


The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP) and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Programs (OJJDP) are pleased to announce:

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Telecommunications Best Practices for

Missing and Abducted Children (TELMAC) 

This 100% online course is designed to provide public safety telecommunicators, call-takers and dispatchers with the tools and training which promote swift and decisive response in the critical, early stages of incidents involving missing and abducted children. This course may also be taken by sworn officers who work closely with telecommunications in the areas of NCIC and data management when such incidents occur.


  This course is free of charge; there are no FVTC fees for this course.


  • The course is delivered through Fox Valley Technical College’s Blackboard Online Learning System and is designed to be completed in a self-directed manner
  • The content is delivered across five detailed modules and is designed to require approximately 5 hours to complete
  • The course is available online, via the Internet, 24/7 for registered users during the FVTC academic term in which they are enrolled
  • The course is self-directed and can be completed at times most conducive to the participant's schedule and his/her department's operations

 IMPORTANT: This online course requires:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Ability to listen to audio from the PC
  • Ability to access to streaming video content and download training documents (all housed on secure FVTC servers)
  • Javascript and Cookies must be enabled, and allowing pop-ups is recommended to ensure content which opens in new windows is able to be launched and viewed
  • If you would like additional information regarding the most compatible operating system and internet browser settings for use with Blackboard Learn, click here.

If your agency’s firewall or policy will not support these operations, and/or if you have not obtained supervisory approval to access all or some portions of the course from an alternate location (training facility, home, etc.), we do not recommend enrollment in this online course.


 What the Course Covers


Course at a Glance

Introduction Module: A Course Overview

Module 1: The Nature of the Problem - Missing, Abducted & Sexually Exploited Children

Module 2: Best Practices and Operational Protocols

Module 3: NCIC and Effective Data Management

Module 4: Resources for the Communications Center