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Southern Border Initiative (SBI)
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 Southern Border Initiative (SBI)


The Southern Border Initiative (SBI) is a US Department of Justice Initiative, is designed to bring together state, federal, local, and tribal law enforcement and child protection professionals from both sides of the border in an effort to more effectively address the issues related the missing, endangered and abducted children, as well as trafficking youth for exploitation. Click here to view Southern Border and Spanish Language Documents in the AMBER Alert Public Library.


Through the US Embassy in Mexico City, OPDAT provides access to government leaders and public safety professionals who attend training conducted by subject matter experts who are consultants to the AMBER Alert program. These efforts have lead to the adoption and implementation of a national protocol titled Alerta Amber Mexico.

Over 200 Mexican federal and state officials have participated in training and technical assistance programs facilitated by the U.S. Embassy and OPDAT. State and federal officials have requested a comprehensive training and technical assistance program to help support their efforts to successfully stand up a comprehensive program at the federal level. The training and technical assistance provided included “Train the Trainer” programs to develop a core group of national instructors, development of a distance learning tool for public education and assistance with bi-national meetings to continue the development of working relationships and understanding in the border region.

 SBI Objectives

We are committed to continued collaboration with the overarching goal of promoting the initiative to assist Mexican officials in building law enforcement capacity to address the problem of missing, endangered and abducted children in their country, as well as cross-border abductions and related child trafficking. 
Training and technical assistance efforts will focus on the following key areas
  • Continued advisement and assistance to Mexican officials in implementing effective AMBER Alert plans
  • Building relationships with border city officials to conduct trainings in their jurisdictions
  • Collaboration on Distance Learning products for public awareness and the training of child protection officials throughout Mexico

 SBI Accomplishments

  • Alerta AMBER Mexico implemented April 28, 2011
  • 81 Mexican law enforcement professionals and officials participated in a Train-the-Trainer course in Mexico July 19-21, 2011
  • 91 Mexican law enforcement professionals, call center professionals and Mexican officials participated in a Call-Taker training course in Mexico November 28-29, 2011
  • On April 30, 2012 the First Lady of Mexico, as National Director Desarrollo Intergral de la Familia (DIF), presided over a meeting to formally announce the implementation of the National Child Abduction program in Mexico, Alerta AMBER Mexico
  • National Implementation of Alerta AMBER Mexico occurred on May 2, 2012