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Contact Information​

The ICAC Training & Technical Assistance Program was established to assist state and local law enforcement agencies and ICAC Task Forces with training and technical assistance in support of their Internet Crimes Against Children activities.

Program Staff    


Brad Russ
Director - NCJTC
Phone: 877.798.7682
E-mail: Brad Russ
  Leila Harrington
Program Administrator
Phone: 603.862.2694
E-mail: Leila Harrington

Thomas Kerle
Program Administrator
Phone: 877.798.7682 
E-mail: Thomas Kerle


Vicki O'Brien
Program Manager
Onsite Training
Phone: 603.862.3846
E-mail: Vicki O'Brien

Joe Laramie
Program Manager
Phone: 877.798-7682
E-mail: Joe Laramie

Mike Kalmbach

Program Manager
Phone: 877.798-7682
E-mail: Mike Kalmbach


Julia Snay
Financial Services Coordinator
Phone: 603.862.7048
E-mail: Julia Snay

Sharon Houle
Program Manager 
Distance Learning
Phone: 603.862.2532
E-mail: Sharon Houle


Jess Cloutier
Project Coordinator
Program Websites &
   National LE Training Event
Phone: 603.862.1233
E-mail: Jess Cloutier

Deana Gilkinson
Project Specialist
Phone: 603.862.5256
E-mail: Deana Gilkinson

​Diane Mazurkiewicz
Project Specialist
Distance Learning
Phone: 603.862.4735
E-mail: Diane Mazurkiewicz

Lori Mowbray
Project Coordinator
Onsite Training
Phone: 603.862.5298
Email: Lori Mowbray

Jeanette Leitner
Project Specialist
Distance Learning
Phone: 603.862.0949
Email: Jeanette Leitner

Debra McCarthy
Project Specialist
Financial Services
Phone: 603.862.3183
Email: Debra McCarthy

​Liz Primavera
Project Specialist
Onsite Training
Phone: 603.862.0337
Email: Liz Primavera 

India Hall
Project Specialist
Onsite Training
Phone: 877.798.7682
Email: India Hall

Mailing Address
National Criminal Justice Training Center
c/o University of New Hampshire
Office of Training & Technical Assistance
10 West Edge Drive, Room 106
Durham, NH 03824

Phone Numbers:
Toll Free: 877.798.7682
Fax: 603.862.2477

Program Training Coordinators
Please contact our Training Coordinators with questions concerning course content and materials. 
All other questions should be directed to the Program Staff.

Steve Del Negro
ICAC-IT Training Program, ICAC CyberTip Manager &
   ICAC-OSI Training Program
E-mail: Steve Del Negro

Mike Duffey
ICAC-Online Ads
Email: Mike Duffey

Rob Erdely
ICAC-P2P Training Programs
Email: Rob Erdely

Mike Sullivan
ICAC-UC Training Program
   ICAC-US Training Program
E-mail: Mike Sullivan