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UDETC - Compliance Checks
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 Compliance Check Operations



 Conducting Compliance Check


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Course Description:

This four-hour online training provides basic guidelines and operational information on reducing sales of alcohol to underage purchasers through compliance investigations of alcohol retailers. The course presents rationales for carrying out these investigations and emphasizes the importance of reducing youth access to alcohol thereby reducing youth related crime in the community and improving the quality of life.  

Course Objective:

To train newly hired or experienced officers to utilize their existing alcohol laws or ordinances as an operational tool to prevent underage access to alcohol from commercial sources.

Course Outcomes:

Participants in the training will be able to:

  • Understand the issues related to underage drinking and the retail availability of alcohol to underage purchasers.

  • Motivate policymakers, communities, and law enforcement to place greater emphasis on compliance investigations and prevention of underage drinking.

  • Implement step-by-step guidelines for carrying out compliance investigations.

  • Identify barriers to compliance investigations and approaches to overcoming these barriers.

  • Utilize compliance investigations efficiently and effectively to deter sales to minors and demonstrate community norms against underage drinking.

Technical Requirements:

  • Internet: Access to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

  • System: Windows Vista or Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7 or higher.

  • Browser: JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Cookies must be enabled, and allowing pop-ups is recommended.

  • Reader: The latest Adobe Reader from It’s free and will ensure you can open the links to the various Adobe (.pdf) documents.

  • Audio: The ability to hear audio through your PC and access to headphones.



 UDETC National Electronic Seminars

Underage drinking laws and their enforcement include many specific topics of substantive interest to various sites. To provide information on these topics efficiently and cost-effectively, a series of electronic seminars has been presented via audio-teleconferences. Each call is hosted by the Center and includes presentations by national experts, researchers, and representatives from OJJDP-funded sites who have experience in a specific area of interest.