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UDETC - Controlled Party Dispersal
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 Controlled Party Dispersal





Party Prevention & Controlled

Party Dispersal



Course Description:

This 6-hour training discusses the role of enforcement and community agencies in preventing underage drinking parties and safely dispersing them when they do occur.  It describes the problem of underage drinking in general and youth drinking parties in particular.  This course recognizes that to be successful, any underage drinking strategy must be supported by law enforcement, the judiciary and the community.  Consequently, this course examines not only the mechanics of successful controlled party dispersal operations, but also how controlled party dispersal is part of a larger effort to focus investigations, change community perceptions and promote joint law enforcement and community efforts.  This course includes information on conducting controlled party dispersal operations, legal strategies, marketing and media and police – community roles and relationships.

Course Objective:

At the end of this course participants will understand the basic components necessary for a successful controlled party dispersal operation.  Participants will understand the components of a successful overarching underage drinking strategy and the need to develop a specific strategy around their controlled party dispersal operations.

Course Outcomes:

Participants in the training will be able to:

  • Identify methods to convince adult enablers of the magnitude of underage drinking and how it victimizes the youth in their community.

  • Share safe party tips and prevention efforts with potential hosts and parents.

  • Describe the necessity to focus underage drinking investigations and identify the need for appropriate laws and ordinances.

  • Give examples of ordinances that could support environmental strategies to reduce underage drinking in the participants community.

  • Understand the underlying philosophy of controlled party dispersal and how to apply this philosophy in a variety of situations.

  • Identify how volunteers may be located, managed and utilized to support a controlled party dispersal strategy.

  • State the need for a marketing plan and its basic components.

  • Be able to effectively manage members of the media and plan for successful media interviews.


 UDETC National Electronic Seminars 

Underage drinking laws and their enforcement include many specific topics of substantive interest to various sites. To provide information on these topics efficiently and cost-effectively, a series of electronic seminars has been presented via audio-teleconferences. Each call is hosted by the Center and includes presentations by national experts, researchers, and representatives from OJJDP-funded sites who have experience in a specific area of interest.