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 Customized Training

Customized Training
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When your staff requires critical training, NCJTC can deliver. Bringing a combination of cutting-edge training programs and subject matter experts, we create a customized program to fit your needs.

Build your training today!

1. Review all available NCJTC offerings

2. Select the course(s) you require

3. Share your needs to customize the agenda and instructor(s)

4. Determine your date(s), location, and finalize a training agreement

5. Let our specialists handle the res

Save time and money by allowing NCJTC to train
YOUR staff in YOUR facility. 

Contact a NCJTC Training Specialist today!
Call 855-866-2582 or email at

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  International Hands-On Training     Building Solutions with AMBER Alert
    Okinawa, Japan
When the EOD Company, 9th Engineer Support Battalion based in Okinawa, Japan needed Basic Alarm Theory and Application (BATA) training, they called on NCJTC. After selecting their training topics of alarm certification, alarm systems and defeats and video operations installation, a customized 5-day agenda hands on lab was developed.

Experienced instructors flew to Japan armed with portable labs, training materials, and a wealth of real-word knowledge. Students gained hands-on training they couldn't receive elsewhere.



  Columbus, Ohio
In the midst of transition from a local to a statewide team, Ohio Law Enforcement Foundation's Child Abduction Response Team (Ohio CART) realized a need for additional training in CART coordination, investigation, and successful search and canvassing operations.

Through AMBER Alert's Build a Course program, Ohio CART selected the specialized training modules unique to their needs. CART coordinators, investigators, and search and rescue personnel received discipline-specific training – ultimately creating a strengthened response to missing and abducted children.